It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of Anne Gregory following a long and courageous battle with cancer.

Anne was a founder member of the Club and Chairman since its creation in 1999. Her knowledge has steered the club to the strong position it has today, representing us and the Birman breed at Council and BAC meetings.

Not only a strong head for our club, she was also a very caring person, happy to pass on her considerable knowledge and give help and guidance to members of the cat fancy, old and new.

We have lost an inspirational Chairman, but more than that – we have lost a very great friend. Our hearts go out to Brian and their family.

Details of the funeral arrangements will be announced on the GCCF website.

Rest in peace Anne, we all miss you so much.

Alistair Balharrie
Vice Chairman
Southern and South Western Birman Cat Club



The next Committee meeting will be held on 22nd January 2017.
If you have items that you would like the committee to discuss, please forward these to the Secretary by January 10th 2017.



The 2017 Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday 9th April 2017 at Hook Village Hall, Hook, Royal Wootton Bassett, Witlshire SN4 8EF.  See the AGM page for more information. 



In partnership with the Birman Cat Club the clubs held a joint seminar on Sunday 24th May. Topics covered were:

Show preparation 
Show management
Feline behaviour
Veterinary faults
Breeding for beginners

In the afternoon there was a VIP guest speaker Professor Tim Gruffydd-Jones and Lois Wilkie who gave a talk on Cardiac problems in domestic felines and particular the Birman Breed, followed by the treatment and management of heart problems.

You can view a copy of Lois Wilkie’s hand out here (Opens in a new window), feel free to print for your own reference.

You can listen to the audio of Lois Wilkie’s talk here (Player opens in a new window)


The Birman Heart fund was started after the Birman Cat Club Committee received letters from breeders and owners about cardiac problems in the breed. The committee contacted Veterinary Specialists who confirmed that the problem was increasing within the breed. At this time no one was raising awareness of the problem and no research was planned.

The Birman committee voted to fund raise to remedy this. They have since been joined by the S & SW Birman Cat Club, the N. Birman Cat Club, and the Birman Welfare and Rescue. They have also received encouragement from the Birman BAC and the Cats Welfare Trust.

Protecting breeders

In order to protect breeders and the breed as a whole from unwelcome publicity the supporting clubs have concentrated on holding seminars, publishing information in the magazine, in leaflets and on their web sites. It was felt that a high profile campaign using public media would exaggerate the problem and give rise to acrimonious gossip. It could discourage sales and give the impression that the Birman Cat was less healthy than other breeds.

The money raised – The fund has raised over £3000 to date (July 2015). Although this money is at present held in The Birman Heart Research Account, it is not Birman Cat Club money, but is held in trust on behalf of the donors until it can be handed over for research.

Some of the major donors have specified that the funds go direct to a UK college, and these conditions will have to be honoured. The RVA has been mentioned as donors are aware that research into similar problems is already being done there, and it was intimated that they would be prepared to carry out research into the Birman cat.

Now that the RVA is in a position to begin research having applied for a donation from the WINN Foundation, we are able to hand over funds to them for this research. Direct communication and steps are being taken with the RVA to do this without impacting the current WINN support or ongoing research plans.

The clubs will continue to fundraise for this cause, and look forward to help from members and Birman owners.

Birman Heart Research

How to help our Researcher

Lois Wilkie is now looking for pedigrees for cats that have heart problems to help with her research. The pedigrees and any information will be kept confidential and will not be seen by anyone other than the research team. Lois’ email address is



The Southern & South Western Birman Cat Club is now registered with  Langford Veterinary Services for the genetic testing discount scheme.

They are now able to offer members of breed societies a 20% discount on the list price of their tests.More information and a price list can be found at 

Members of the Southern & South Western Birman Cat Club who would like to take advantage of the scheme, please contact me for the code you will need to receive your discount. Jackie Pell


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The date for the 2017 show has been changed to Saturday the 4th March 2017 and will now be at a new Venue – Ellendune Community Centre, Barret Way, Wroughton, nr Swindon. SN4 9LW
We have seen a growing problem with the car parking arrangements at Cricklade Town Hall which has now become unacceptable.  The Committee took the decision to find a new Venue for the show.  Car parking should be much better at this new venue.

AGM 2017
As a result of the move in show date for 2017 we have also had to make a change to the date for the AGM.  Subject to availability of the hall the new dat will be 9th April 2017.  This will be confirmed to members in the summer newsletter.