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GCCF has a new website to be found at . Reports, Agendas, Draft Minutes etc. of Meetings can be found at ….. Do explore the website to keep YOU in touch with all things GCCF. If you have any issues, please contact me on the email address above.

Show Structure Review Group 

The GCCF Show Structure Review Group was set up to help us to design the best approach to shows for the future.
As the starting point, we’d like to find out what YOU think! 

So, we’ve developed a short survey to get as much input as possible from everyone connected with GCCF. This should only take 5-10 minutes to complete, and will be of great help to us, so please take a few minutes to help. There is also a final space for you to give us any of your own ideas for improving shows.

The survey is only available until December 7th 2015, so please let us have your input as soon as possible. We will then analyse the responses and give you feedback. We are hoping to have some initial proposals to present to the February GCCF Council meeting.

Please click on the link below to take the survey :

GCCF Show Survey

Many thanks for your help!
The Show Structure Review Group

Here are some important rule changes for your attention from the June Meeting:


C2061 BYELAW CHANGE: an addition to Bylaw 7 (15) Immediate implementation CHAIR This was agreed following an amendment (final sentence) to ensure any judges put forward in the month prior to a Council meeting could have their names listed on the Council supplementary agenda, as is current practice, to avoid disadvantage. The list of appointments to Pupil Judge, and promotions to Full Judge, will be published on the GCCF website on a weekly basis to include the following information: the BAC making the recommendation, the judge’s name and list status (Full Judge or Pupil Judge). During the four weeks following each publication a delegate to Council may contact the GCCF Office with an objection to any appointment, and bring this objection to the next meeting of Full Council so that it can be considered. If no objection is received, at the end of four weeks it shall be deemed that the appointment is confirmed, and the judge and BAC shall be informed of this. Any names outstanding at the time of a Council meeting shall be included on the Council supplementary agenda. Unanimous approval.


C2062 RULE CHANGES All for immediate implementation

1. An addition to the rules to ensure kittens are sold vaccinated (Section 1:10b ii) All kittens must be fully vaccinated against infectious enteritis (FPV), FHV and FCV (“cat flu”) at least one week prior to sale and/or leaving for a new home unless it is agreed otherwise in writing and signed by both parties. (Fixed penalties to a maximum of £100 will be applied before referral to DC on a third offence) IC This was agreed following minor amendments to the wording to ensure it covered all kittens going to a new home, and did not depend upon an actual sale having to be proved. Majority approval. 1 against 0 abstentions

2. Revisions to the registration rules to ensure the names of Household Pets (non pedigree and pedigree pet) when registered do not conflict with the registered prefixes of breeders. MG OFFICE (Text retained as an addendum to the minutes.) Majority approval. 2 against 10 abstentions


3. Rule changes to ensure that imports require a certified pedigree to a maximum of five generations. (Section1) CHAIR OFFICE 7f) i A 4 generation, or more if required by the current GCCF Registration Policy for that breed, to a maximum of five generations, Certified Pedigree for the parent/parents not registered with the GCCF issued by a bona fide registering organisation. 7g) i A certified pedigree, to a maximum of five generations, which must be in accordance with the current GCCF Registration Policy for the breed in question. Majority approval. 9 against 3 abstentions Actions: implementation by the GCCF Office for all registration policies OFFICE GC and Board discussion on the protection of registration policies JL


4. An addition to the rules to ensure cat comfort at shows (Section 2:3g) NFCBAC SMs …Exhibitors should must be permitted the use of cool pads/ice packs under their cats blankets, and/or safe battery operated fans on their pens, at all shows. Show Managers are recommended that, wherever possible , air conditioning is utilised in halls. Exhibitors and visitors may be requested to leave the hall for a period…. Majority approval. 0 against 1 abstention


5. Rule changes to allow a cat to enter a higher certificate class if a title is gained after the closing date stated on the schedule if an extension to the closing date is published on the website. 2:4d) With reference to schedule requirements the insertion of proposed to be added before ‘closing date’. 4:11a) …as published stated in the schedule, or any extension to this published on the GCCF website Majority approval. 1 against 0 abstentions


The GCCF & Social Media

At the S&SW Birman AGM, the members present were unanimous in their feeling the proposed GCCF Code of Conduct for Social Media was draconian and not workable. The only body with the facilities for monitoring & intercepting media messages is GCHQ. The suggested GCCF Code imposes measures stricter than those placed by the government on British citizens! Please find this proposal printed at the end of this information.

Members at the AGM asked us to formulate a common sense Guide to Using Social Media together with a rationale for our counter proposal to present to Council at the June Meeting 2015. This was done, but because of time restrictions was not debated nor voted upon. The proposals will be on the Council Agenda for the October Meeting of Council.


Documents relating to the discussion on social media.

GCCF proposal for Social Media Code of Conduct
Rationale by The Southern and South Western Birman Cat Club – Guidance on the sensible use of social media
The GCCF and Social Media 



24th February 2016
Website relaunch 
11th April 2016
Sixth Championship Show results added
Past Best in Show results added
21st April 2016
AGM Meeting Summary
3rd June 2016
Anne Gregory Tributes
9th June 2016
Birman Heart Research update
25th July 2016
Committee update, Front Page update, New 2017 Show Date





The date for the 2017 show has been changed to Saturday the 4th March 2017 and will now be at a new Venue – Ellendune Community Centre, Barret Way, Wroughton, nr Swindon. SN4 9LW
We have seen a growing problem with the car parking arrangements at Cricklade Town Hall which has now become unacceptable.  The Committee took the decision to find a new Venue for the show.  Car parking should be much better at this new venue.

AGM 2017
As a result of the move in show date for 2017 we have also had to make a change to the date for the AGM.  Subject to availability of the hall the new dat will be 9th April 2017.  This will be confirmed to members in the summer newsletter.